New Service Enables More Guests to Attend

A new service has been started by Rutland Reminders to enable more residents of Rutland Care Village to join the group’s monthly singing sessions at Brambles Social Centre.

Rutland Reminders volunteers now provide an escort service to their guests with dementia who do not have a carer available to attend the session with them.

Dr Charles Lawrence, Chairman of Rutland Reminders, said: “Having our volunteers escort the residents to the social centre has enabled us to reach out to residents who previously would not have been able to attend.”

“Music and singing is a powerful therapy for people with dementia. Our monthly sessions in Oakham and Uppingham provide a safe and supportive venue for our guests and their carers.”

Rutland Reminders welcome all people with dementia to attend the singing sessions with a carer or family member. The sessions are free and a transport service can be arranged for those living in Rutland who need help getting to the venue.

For further information, or to book to attend a session please contact Angela Ashpole on 07779 413889 or email:

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