Jubilee Celebrations

Rutland Reminders celebrate the Queen's JubileeToday, fifty Rutland Reminders guests, carers and volunteers, many colourfully dressed in red, white and blue, met to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Queen’s Accession.  Brambles Social Centre at Rutland Care Village was festooned with flags and bunting and a spectacular tea had been prepared by the Organisers and Volunteers.

We sang as many London songs as we could remember, including “London’s Burning”, which we learned at school, “They’re Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace” and “Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner”, with old music hall songs and the “Hokey Cokey” for good measure. The afternoon ended with something more patriotic: the loyal toast in Elderflower Champagne and the National Anthem.

During the afternoon memories of the Coronation on TV and of meetings with the Royal Family were recalled. One guest had visited Buckingham Palace three times; on the first occasion her father received a medal; she also met the Queen when she came to Oakham in 2002 during the Golden Jubilee year. Another remembered the Queen coming to the Castle in 1967. Joy remembered waving to the Queen in Oakham – and she waved back; Peter was married in Coronation year; Robert’s father worked at Sandringham. No-one could recall a street party in Oakham, but most remembered that it rained. No surprise!

The Outreach group continued the celebration at Tixover Grange, where residents took over the afternoon with personal requests, brief memories of sixty years ago and enthusiastic singing. It was especially rewarding for visiting relatives to see the residents actively involved in the session and also for the volunteers, who were touched by the residents’ responses.

Jubilee Celebration Tea

Jubilee Celebrations

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