Big Plans for 2018!

Rutland Reminders are making big plans for their 2018 activities.

The singing group for people with dementia hosts monthly sessions at Brambles Social Centre at Rutland Care Village in Oakham, with an additional outreach service at Aberdeen House in Uppingham.

Both sessions provide a vital therapy and respite for guests with dementia and their carers, friends and family. With music and singing known to have a power beyond anything else to restore those lost to dementia to themselves, at least for a while, to be able to offer such ‘joy in the moment’ is very heartening, to carers and volunteers alike. A social aspect of afternoon tea and chat also forms an important part of the sessions.

In 2018, Rutland Reminders is looking to bring more outreach sessions to care homes and other venues across the county, enabling its volunteers to focus on sessions that will support those with dementia in villages and smaller communities as well as Oakham and Uppingham.

There are many people with dementia in Rutland living in their own homes with few visitors and the Rutland Reminders volunteers want to reach out to those people and support them by inviting them to join one or more of the group events.

A key part of the charity’s service is transport – recognising that supporting guests in travelling to the venues was essential, often because their carers or family members cannot drive or have no access to a vehicle, means Rutland Reminders has a special transport fund that allows guests within Rutland to be brought to their preferred venue, without needing to face the fear of public transport.

As part of Rutland Reminders’ plans for 2018 more volunteers are being sought, including event organisers, outreach programme managers, guest escorts and welcome hosts, singers, support serving teas, delivering posters and newsletters, and more!

If you would like to be a volunteer, no matter how much time you can contribute, Rutland Reminders would love to hear from you – the volunteer roles mentioned are just an example of the type of roles available for volunteers to help with.

Find out more about Rutland Reminders email or call Charles Lawrence on 01572 722777.

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